Rob Pattee

Rob Pattee


With the confidence that comes from years spent working on the frontlines, Rob Pattee knows how to spot potential from every angle of the music industry.

His extensive CV, which includes (but is not limited to) highly successful and often simultaneous roles as manager, agent, talent buyer, and music educator and advocate, underscores his commitment to advancing the careers of both emerging and established artists.

Even within the wildly unpredictable music business, the Vancouver-based Pattee is something of a certified star-maker with golden ears and a Midas touch. After all, CVs don’t lie.

“My 30 years in the music business have really taught me to understand the creative as well as the business aspects of the industry,” says Pattee, whose full-service music agency RPM Music Services currently manages highly acclaimed, award-winning recording and touring artists Crystal Shawanda and Lauren Mayell.

Under RPM’s aegis, Pattee also serves as agent to ace blues guitarist Sue Foley, to dub-dance rock combo The Steadies, and to celebrated UK-based tribute act Someone Like You (The Adele Songbook) as well as multiple other in-demand acts.

The road to RPM Music Services has been fascinating indeed. As an agent for 13 years at S. L. Feldman & Associates, Pattee scouted for talent across Canada and was the first agent for hit artists including Nickelback, Wide Mouth Mason, Hedley, Hot Hot Heat, Daniel Powter, and Bif Naked.

As an exclusive buyer for venues across Western Canada, Pattee established relationships with artists, club owners, and promoters such as House of Blues, Live Nation, and Whistler World Ski Festival to ensure successful, top-quality shows.

As a manager, he helped launch the careers of Jaydee Bixby, State of Shock, Rykka and Jack Connolly as well as re-launching the career of The Tennessee Three. The above-mentioned blues star Shawanda and country singer/songwriter Mayell are Pattee’s most recent marquee managerial clients.

“My shop is small and lean; I have a small office space in my home. I have an intern I am training to become an agent, and a bookkeeper. So I can devote enormous attention to all my artists at every stage of their career.”

Pattee is deeply committed to the wider music community, having served for 15 years as Director on the board of Music BC, a provincial non-profit organization dedicated to providing education and opportunities for musicians across British Columbia, and as a faculty member at the Peak Performance Boot Camp, an artist-development initiative coordinated by Music BC and The Peak FM.

Pattee formed RPM Music Services in 2006 as a boutique management, booking, and consulting agency to help artists fulfill their career aspirations and to help manage their expectations at every level. RPM Music Services offers live performance critiques while Pattee’s expertise helps artists in cultivating dedicated, lifelong fans.

“This really is a funny business,” Pattee offers. “I’ve discovered bands other people thought would never go anywhere that did really well. And I’ve worked with artists that seemed to have amazing potential but what really it comes down to is the songs.”

He continues: “Plus, there are so many variables behind what’s required for an artist to break, and not just their talent. It’s about their commitment, their self discipline… multiple things. But I do know what it takes to get the artist to that make-or-break point of success. That may be my greatest asset.”

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“Over the past 2 decades Rob Pattee has consistently picked some great talent in a variety of genres while the rest of us were snoozing.”
Ralph James, President, The Agency Group Canada
“Rob Pattee defines artist booking, direction, and management while being fueled by an insatiable appetite for great music.”
Frank Weipert, Teamworks Management
“Rob Pattee worked at Feldman and Associates for 13 years. He has a great ear for new talent, knows all the industry players and is passionate about his artists.”
Shaw Saltzberg, Senior Vice President, S. L. Feldman and Associates
“Rob was my agent in Flybanger and Jar and through the early days of Hedley. Always a hard working agent with keen ears who continues to discover great new talent in canada. We wish him all the best with his new endeavour!”
Tommy Mac (Hedley)
“I have been an associate of Rob Pattee for just under 20 years and respect his opinion and his knowledge to guide emerging artists. What Rob has developed is a much-needed tool in today’s ever-changing music business.”
Mike Mascioli, Mascioli Entertainment Corporation